The Roost at Ganges

The Roost is currently not booking any new reservations, sorry!

The Roost is a self catered B&B suite in a sunny location close to Ganges. The studio suite has its own entrance to maintain your privacy as well as the privacy of the attached family home. As a self catered suite, we will provide you with a continental style breakfast which you can enjoy at your leisure. The suite is spacious and open with a comfortable queen sized bed and a private bathroom with heated slate floors. There is a small kitchenette suitable for preparing and serving some of the delicious artisanal foods that you discover while exploring the island. The kitchenette is not equipped with a stove but has a mini fridge, microwave, induction hot plate, and toaster oven. There is wifi in the suite.

The main house which is attached to the suite is home to your host family with two older children and various pets. While we do not let our pets in the suite we cannot guarantee that you will remain blissfully unaware of them. We have a lovely, super smart, and stubborn poodle named Oliver who objects vociferously to the sound of knocking. Our apologies in advance if we fail to corral him before you hear his ardent protestations. We also have three pampered and lovely indoor felines, senior Rosie, big grey Stormy, and lovely little Lui. Our property is home to 9 chickens, known collectively as ‘The Ladies’, and individually as, Big Boy Hen, Stripe Hen, Princess Luke, Little Boy Hen, Pépé Hen, Persephone, Athena, Artemis, and Circe.


Nights here are quiet and very dark. There are owls roosting in the large trees around the property and you may hear them while you are lying in bed. Early in the morning there may be deer grazing in the orchard, and hummingbirds come to our feeders year round. Eagles call to one another while circling the orchard watching for rabbits. Some years there are so many baby bunnies we could catch them by hand. Starting in the Spring coveys of quail begin to lead their chicks around the property. They always visit the dropped seed around the bird feeder while keeping a wary lookout for Hawks and house cats. The quail can number in the dozens in early Spring, but they dwindle over the summer due to nature’s predators. Our cats are inside cats and can only stalk the birds from the windows. Visiting a property on Salt Spring that doesn’t use pesticides means that you will see an abundance of bees, butterflies and dragonflies. In the field live garter snakes, amongst the mossy forest paths are newts, and the hedgerows provide shelter for songbirds. We have seen mink, raccoons, and on one memorable occasion a river otter. There are working farms and homesteads nearby, you may hear our neighbours cow, sheep, geese and ducks.

The Roost is located less than five minutes by car to Ganges Village. We are 10 minutes from the ferry terminal at Long Harbour. We are central for you to explore both the north and south ends of Salt Spring.